Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Think of your Bad habits and its very annoying. But you just got to love 'em.

 Are you looking for a digital camera bag? May I suggests you get a case logic back.

Made water-repellent material. No worry from getting wet from small amount of water.
 With huge pocket for your digital camera. You can even put battery charger and cables.

Well, I don't know what professional photographer using but case logic bag is fit.

Starbucks Double shot.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A nice virtual Presence.

I come up with an idea. Since I've been into Philippines Biggest Mall,

then why not also go to Marina of Singapore and see what the difference of the two.

I believe it would be a nice travel for New Year.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mozilla Private Browsing

Do you want to avoid keeping files and cache on your temporary Internet Files. Then press CTRL + Shifht + P to use the private browsing function in Mozilla.

What it does is...

Private Browsing

Firefox won't remember any history for this session.

In a Private Browsing session, Firefox won't keep any browser history, search history, download history, web form history, cookies, or temporary internet files.  However, files you download and bookmarks you make will be kept.

To stop Private Browsing, select Tools > Stop Private Browsing, or close Firefox.

            While this computer won't have a record of your browsing history, your internet service provider or employer can still track the pages you visit.
            Learn More.

So Easy.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I just added Nokia C7 to my current wishlist this year.Here's why I deserved it.

Beautifully crafted design

  • A sleek design constructed from polished stainless steel and glass.
  • Videos and images look sharp on the vivid 3.5" high-resolution display.
  • Three home screens you can personalise with contacts, apps and more.
  • Use finger gestures – pinch to zoom, flick to scroll and tap to select.
  • View all running apps and tap the screen to easily switch between them.
Currently, I'm using a simple phone from Nokia. A phone that can sent message and make calls. Well, I deserve a total upgrade. So I can experience touch screen phone, taking videos and images using phone. :).

Integrated social networks

  • Get live updates from Facebook and Twitter directly on the home screen.
  • Update your status across all your social networks at the same time.
  • Add social events to your calendar easily with just one click.
  • Share your location through Facebook and meet friends who are close by.
  • Post comments and photos directly from the home screen.
 I'm planning to be bum and do nothing. Was that even a plan? haha. Don't get me wrong, Its just that I'm looking for work elsewhere- overseas. If I can get this phone I will able to update my blog via Nokia C7. I can even blog my job hunting right in the front of interview. haha.

Apps and more from Ovi Store

  • Choose from 1000s of apps including Sports Tracker and Here and now.
  • New apps constantly added to Ovi Store – many for free.
  • Try out new games and buy the ones you like.
  • A wide selection of wallpapers and themes for every taste and style.
  • Download podcasts – news, sports, entertainment and more.
If I get this phone it will be total experience for me. I can try here more games and apps because my psp games was not updated anymore. My bad. It will be cool, playing NBA Live on phone. Wait Is there NBA in App store? If no, I can try other games. ;)

Maps with free GPS navigation

  • Find the best route and get to your destination on time with Ovi Maps.
  • Get free lifetime navigation with turn-by-turn voice guidance.
  • Record your own voice guidance with Own Voice and share on Facebook.
  • Discover nearby restaurants, landmarks and other points of interest.
  • Use the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-217 for clear voice navigation as you walk.
 It has GPS. So maybe, once I ride again I can activate so I don't get lost. Make sense, right?

The best in mobile entertainment

  • Capture high-quality photos and HD video using the 8 megapixel camera.
  • Watch National Geographic, CNN, BBC and many more channels with Web TV.
  • Listen to music on your car stereo with the built-in FM transmitter.
  • Flip through album art and make playlists of your favourite songs.
  • Play music out loud on the powerful Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9.

Powered by SymbianĖ†3

  • Enjoy over 250 new features from the SymbianĖ†3 operating system.
  • Customise your phone in more ways than ever.
  • Easier, more intuitive touch screen controls.
  • Run multiple apps without sacrificing battery life.
  • Develop your own apps with ease.
Symbian? Am I that geek  enough?

Everyday Eveready Moments

What are we looking for when our racing car, the talking toys or the laser gun, was out of battery? Or when our remote control for the tv or radio component were dead? Remember back in the 90s where blackout were still part of our everyday lives, and flashlights are very necessary. And flashlights were run by battery. When your tamiya or auldey's batteries dried? Its time for Eveready.
 Yes, battery from Eveready.And its always ready in the drawer. Triple AAA, Double AA or Nine volts or the bigger battery its always ready in the drawer with battery tester lol. So, your mother won't scream at you the "Its in the drawer" when you ask her about the battery. Keeping batteries in the drawer thought us something. You have to be ready, always. haha

I noticed Eveready has been part of our lives from good times to bad times. Hope they still exists for many generations to come. ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Order your Mcdonald's Online

You can now transact your favorite Mcdo meals via mobile phone. That includes ordering and payment. At P40 fixed delivery charge you can order anything you want. Learn more here

It used to be that you can only blog using your desktop computer, or laptop…now you can also do it on your mobile phone! It’s the same way with McDonald's—order and pay for your food using your mobile phone. Just when you thought things couldn't get better, McDonald's comes up with something to make ordering…and paying much much easier! Learn more about this new and exciting service at then simply register at

And get this—there's no more minimum orders at McDelivery, only a fixed delivery charge of P40. Perfect!

You don't even need to have any money in your pocket to enjoy your McDonald's treat. Now that's definitely something worth blogging about!

Any order, McDonald's delivers.
  Enjoy your Mcdonald's meals. :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Add your Blog in Technorati

Technorati, like twitter and facebook, is a social bookmarking site. Basically you uses it to tell the members in technorati that you've updated or there is new post/s in your blog. In return, you can attract visitors and readers.

If you have technorati account, you might want to favorite me. And I will return the favor. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Like this Blog, Donate using Paypal

Here's how to add a paypal donation badge in your sidebar on blogger.

1. Login in your Paypal Account.
2. Go to Merchant Services.
3. Look for the "Donations". It will bring you in the Create Donation Badge.
4. Choose the Button Donation.
5. Select Create Button. It will look like this.

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
<input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="WNJ74WSSJ8R8W">
<input type="image" src="" border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!">
<img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1">
Upon creating it there are other optional selection that you can choose to modify your badge. This badge will help you maintain your blog to operate. Even if this was hosted on blogspot it needs donations for the paying the internet service once I resigned. LOL. So if you like this blog and what you read here, please donate any amount. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Finalists of Literature Category in Philippine Blog Award

Literature Blogs that you should look up to.

I am Bum
.: citybuoy :. is still floating
tuyong tinta ng bolpen
Kulaydoscope Notes
Likha at Akda
The Central Echo
Shambolic Amalgam

It won't be nominated if these blog ain't to good. :) . Don' forget Reader's Choice Award Voting.

Finalists of Personal/Diary Category in Philippine Blog Award

As blogger being nominated in the Philippine Blog Award would be an honor. It means your blog make sense in the world wide web unlike non-sense and web space wasting blog. Below were blogs that worth reading.

Lance Sison, Rockstar for hire
Live Love Laugh Blog
MICAMYX – Personal Blog of a Dagupena Dreamer
House of Squared
Life with Ria Jose
Funny is the New Sexy

Reader's Choice Blog Awards

The Philippine Blog Awards has enabled readers to vote for their own.

Here’s the list of the 2010 Reader’s Choice Finalist:
Hurry up voting will end up on 1:59 pm on December 11, 2010 (Saturday). Vote for your Favorite blog.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just joined the Noob SEO Contest

Recently, I managed to post a couple of "tips" on gaining traffic and keeping visitors to my site. Then I found this mini seo contest to try my know-how on Search Engine Optimization.

Here's the contest mechanics.

- Your entry must be domain/subdomain. 

- Start date is November 16, 2010

- End date of the contest is on January 1, 2011 (12:00 Noon Philippine Time)

- On your blog you must create English written contents about ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT such as Movies,  Computer Games, Sports, Music etc. and optimized your entry so that it becomes the top Google search result for the contest key phrase. All participants are allowed to use free blogs sites like Blogger,,, blogsome, tblog, etc. or even paid domain.
- Your blog/s DOMAIN or SUB-DOMAIN and free blogs networks used for the entries should not contain any part of the key phrase.(No No No and so on)

- Unregistered entries and indented listings or results are not counted on the rankings.

- All blog entries must not older than November 16, 2010 no backlinks no index and must be brand new. No pornography, no discrimination and no illegal behavior are permitted, No bad words.Trash Talk is allowed but use it with your own risk LOL. 

- There is NO limit on the number of entries/post as long as the entry contains the specified sponsored link.

- The entries should have a visible link back to the listed sponsors below. Use the anchor text and URL specified below. (Must be Blogroll Link)

Cheats -
Watch Movies and TV Series Online -
Watch Full Movies Online -
Of course the prize.
The prizes for the said competition are as follows:

1st – Prize = php 4,000 (Need to Rank #1)
2nd – Prize = php 2,000 (Need to Rank #2)
3rd – Prize = php 1,000 (Need to Rank #3)

Consolation Prize:
1 kilogram of Tawas (Need to Rank on the LOWEST position on Google Search Engine Result Page)

Ok one kilo of tawas on me. LOLz

By the way, my site entry for the contest. Break a leg.

Got Dirt?

Riding Dirty. ;)

This is the literal seaside lunch. Not the typical restaurant you'll find at Dampa of Libis or Macapagal Blvd. Also, not the ordinary lunch, a heavy lunch. You don't feel hungry the next day. lol. 2Kls of Prawns, 2Kls of Blue Marlin, 2Kls of Crab, 2Kls Lapu-Lapu, Good for 9 People. If my math is correct each one of us should consume less than a kilo.

The Seaside of Real Quezon, its a bad weather. But who cares we don't ride for the beaches but for the lunch.

My bad, I forgot the name of the resort.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Make a wish list

Few months ago I posted this

Dear Gentle Reader/s,

I would like to inform that this year, like anyone else, I will also celebrate my birthday soon( December 21 to be exact). I'm informing you in advance because I will post my birthday gift/s wish list so do you have the time to be ready in case you generous enough to buy me the following.

1. An Ipod touch - who doesn't want this? Low profile than Ipad LOLz.
2. A new helmet - preferably a KBC brand but LS2 can do.
3. A riding XPD boots.
4. A digital camera or if you, again, generous enough, might give me DSLR.

Ok, I'm kidding just greet me on your blog then I might the one who will give a gift for the best greeting post. Thanks for visiting all.
I'm not really into gadget but most of it were gadgets.

This is an entry to Para sa Make a Wish List Raffle ni Salbehe.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No winner yet.

As of today, no one has won the Grand Lotto.

Here is the result for the November 20, 2010 draw.

MANILA, Philippines - The winning number combination for the 6/55 Grand Lotto draw on Saturday, November 20, is 18-17-36-04-40-13.
The numbers can be in any order
At stake is a record-high jackpot prize of P543,663,673.20, which no one won, according to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).
The 6/42 Lotto draw result, meanwhile, is 04-12-26-02-42-28.
The numbers can be in any order. The jackpot prize for the draw is P P8,364,204.
The other results for the draw are:
  • Six Digit: 5-4-2-5-3-9
  • Swertres Lotto: 3-8-1
  • EZ 2: 13-2
The winning numbers for the Six Digit, Swetres, and EZ 2 must be in exact order.

Just pondering, does this lotto of PCSO really works. I mea does someone from the bettors win it. If you know the gov't is corrupt, you think they can give it to someone else. Well, I just looking for the the P150 000 jackpot for getting the 5 numbers.

Give me 6 numbers of combination and I'll bet it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pilipinas Kay Ganda. I know you are reading my blog and laughing at me.

Let me invite you to my country. Below is the new logo by the Department of Tourism to promote Philippines.

Forget about the beaches.

Forget Caramoan.

Forget Boracay.

Forget Pangasinan hundred Islands.

Forget Coron, Palawan

Forget the Perfect Shape of Mayon Volcano.

Why you should forget? Chances are you have also beaches and great scenery in your home country. Spend your money in your own country. That's a rhyme lol. If you are a student and very adventurous save it. If you love to travel, again spend it in your own country. If you got nothing to do with your money, start your own charity. If you do not want to help strangers, for God's sake help your family. To top of it all, spend wisely, due to the recession and downward economy.

You know how many People talk about the logo. It was plagiarized. It was copied. Incompetent. They make sense. They are right. I'm nothing to them but I'll give the credit to them.

You know the reason why you should only come in here in the Philippines? Well, if you knew someone really well, like your friends, you should come here and visit that person no more no less. It is like coming into someone's house and whether they have huge house or small one you still go because you are not after the house but rather of that person inviting you.

So what if I invited you? Would you come? 

Kay Ganda. So beautiful. Translate it in your language, if you want.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pacquiao-Margarito Aftermath. Pls follow me on tumblr

The aftermath of Pacquiao-Margarito fight was *drum rolls*...Maaaannnnyyy "Pacman" Pacquiaaoo. ( Read it like how the Commentator saying it lol). 

At this round, the referee should stop the fight. Well the fight worth watching so does the tickets. :D

On the other hand. please follow me on tumblr. Thank you.

A plan. A dream

This site has been abandoned. Lol. It was all alone. No update. No visitors. I vowed to relive it again. Since I have a background on technical and understand codes and design. I might post about new wordpress templates or blogger templates. That's the plan.

Do you have any suggestions?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Import on blogger? ABC 123

Steps on how to do importation if you are using blogging account.

Upon logging in. Go to Settings > Basic > Click Import.

Browse for the backup file ( usuallly an xml file ). Input the captcha word that you see. Once done, click Import Blog.

 After Importation. Go Edit Posts > Select Imported. Select the posts which you want to include as posted.  Done :D

Importation can help bloggers to transfer their blog post to another one. So, you don't re-type all the blog posts. Or if you having too many sites and you want to handle only weblog you can do this too. Create a back up of all your site then import it to your desired blog site. Take note of the compatibility too. For example, my other site has a back up xml file but it came from a wordpress application, good thing, there are plenty on the web that can change it so it can be applicable to blogger.

Good thing.

Keep visitors, Another How To, using blogger tools?

If you have always posting a very very long post, consider adding the label gadget. The usual was, labels will have also a very long list. So, if the user will read your long post from top to bottom your label will be recognize and if the readers sees a catchy label they will click it thus they stay more on your site.


other tools to keep your visitor stay.

keeping visitors 1

keeping visitors 2

Happy Blogging

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Support Manny Pacquiao, the World’s #1 Boxer, just like Head and Shoulders, the World’s #1 Shampoo!

Why I support Manny Pacquiao? Who else to support?  Being a 7th division title holder was not enough? Here’s why I and maybe you should support Manny
1.    Not to disrespect, Antonio Margarito but he was  suspended for allegedly using illegal "tactics" lol in boxing. The first incident happened against  from Miguel Cotto, which was also defeated by Manny. Then the second one was against Shane Mosley. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate him as player I hate the he played. Lol
2.    Antonio Margarito was too big for Manny Pacquaio ala David vs Goliath. Who’s here rooting for the Goliath? None.
3.     Do you want a bias reason? Manny is a Filipino, I’m a Filipino then I should support him.  Stop the crab mentality lol.
Go Manny!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Motorcycle show part 2

Part 2 of motorcycle show. Well riders of motorcycle sometimes have been profile as bad boys but not all of them bad. Simply because they are careless on the road it means they're bad boys. In fact they are more considerate. :) Remember the sayinh Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul. Enjoy the bikes =) .

Its been a while since I got to this kind of event.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Motorcycle show

A bike show of Inside Racing last 2007. Lots of pictures. As you noticed I really dont know how to use a camera but worth looking at it. I guess :D

From stock form to modified. From parking lot to main stage. From small bikes to big bikes. From simple to pimp ride. This bike show have it all.


That's all. =)

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