Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pilipinas Kay Ganda. I know you are reading my blog and laughing at me.

Let me invite you to my country. Below is the new logo by the Department of Tourism to promote Philippines.

Forget about the beaches.

Forget Caramoan.

Forget Boracay.

Forget Pangasinan hundred Islands.

Forget Coron, Palawan

Forget the Perfect Shape of Mayon Volcano.

Why you should forget? Chances are you have also beaches and great scenery in your home country. Spend your money in your own country. That's a rhyme lol. If you are a student and very adventurous save it. If you love to travel, again spend it in your own country. If you got nothing to do with your money, start your own charity. If you do not want to help strangers, for God's sake help your family. To top of it all, spend wisely, due to the recession and downward economy.

You know how many People talk about the logo. It was plagiarized. It was copied. Incompetent. They make sense. They are right. I'm nothing to them but I'll give the credit to them.

You know the reason why you should only come in here in the Philippines? Well, if you knew someone really well, like your friends, you should come here and visit that person no more no less. It is like coming into someone's house and whether they have huge house or small one you still go because you are not after the house but rather of that person inviting you.

So what if I invited you? Would you come? 

Kay Ganda. So beautiful. Translate it in your language, if you want.


  1. wow....the beaches so nice and pretty

  2. "Kay Ganda" = So Beautiful. Yes, I agree but only in the provinces of the Philippines but in Manila I can't deny, It's very polluted here. !@#$ Mayor Alfredo Lim.


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