Sunday, November 21, 2010

No winner yet.

As of today, no one has won the Grand Lotto.

Here is the result for the November 20, 2010 draw.

MANILA, Philippines - The winning number combination for the 6/55 Grand Lotto draw on Saturday, November 20, is 18-17-36-04-40-13.
The numbers can be in any order
At stake is a record-high jackpot prize of P543,663,673.20, which no one won, according to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).
The 6/42 Lotto draw result, meanwhile, is 04-12-26-02-42-28.
The numbers can be in any order. The jackpot prize for the draw is P P8,364,204.
The other results for the draw are:
  • Six Digit: 5-4-2-5-3-9
  • Swertres Lotto: 3-8-1
  • EZ 2: 13-2
The winning numbers for the Six Digit, Swetres, and EZ 2 must be in exact order.

Just pondering, does this lotto of PCSO really works. I mea does someone from the bettors win it. If you know the gov't is corrupt, you think they can give it to someone else. Well, I just looking for the the P150 000 jackpot for getting the 5 numbers.

Give me 6 numbers of combination and I'll bet it.


  1. Ewan ko lamang pero parang hindi ako elibs sa sugal.
    Ipunin na lang pera. Masaya pa

  2. @J you lose some. you lose some.

  3. @J you lose some. you win some. pala


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