Friday, December 17, 2010

Everyday Eveready Moments

What are we looking for when our racing car, the talking toys or the laser gun, was out of battery? Or when our remote control for the tv or radio component were dead? Remember back in the 90s where blackout were still part of our everyday lives, and flashlights are very necessary. And flashlights were run by battery. When your tamiya or auldey's batteries dried? Its time for Eveready.
 Yes, battery from Eveready.And its always ready in the drawer. Triple AAA, Double AA or Nine volts or the bigger battery its always ready in the drawer with battery tester lol. So, your mother won't scream at you the "Its in the drawer" when you ask her about the battery. Keeping batteries in the drawer thought us something. You have to be ready, always. haha

I noticed Eveready has been part of our lives from good times to bad times. Hope they still exists for many generations to come. ;)

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