Sunday, May 16, 2010

To President Elect, NA - Thy God destined me to go elsewhere..TO WORK

Dear President Elect Ninoy Aquino,

Please allow me to use my "freedom of blog" and the chance to express what's on my mind. Although my words wasn't as good as those in the broadsheets and great columnists hope you still understand it. Also, please pardon my my views on Philippines politics for it was so shallow because I've got a 8 hours work a week, born in a small town in province thus I doesn't have chance to explore how great the politics seems to be . Don't be threatened too, I don't have a power to bring you down.

I can't imagine a corrupt-free government under your administration. You can call me Nay-sayers. When you started your campaign all I see were former supporters/cabinet members of Pres. Erap Estrada. People who were only doing things for their own good. They turned down their Chief Executive for fame, holding press conference and implying we support you people of Philippines! You already knew what the People of Philippines have got. Truth is, I'd like tell to them they ambitious and abusive of their position, abusive of opportunities. They will abuse you because you believe in them. They will abuse you because you are being generous to them giving back for what they did on your campaign period. Then the "we will investigate a lot catches a little" will be rampant because they don't want a bad publicity. That's how good are they.

Then there's the real issues. Issues on economy. Issues on Tax. Issues on labor force. Issues on energy. Issues on traffic management. Issues on education. Even if you came from a University you will be looked uneducated to me if there were people can not go to school. I'm not saying you send them to school with your own money, send out education system on how farmers can send their sons and daughters to school. Issues on health care system(which totally non-existent). Issues on housing and housing Loan. People need a house not a 40 sq meters "home" and have to paid for thirty years while earning on minimum wage. Again, I'm not saying you do this by all yourself, what I mean is have the power to implement programs not just give a budget then let the your cabinet members do the work and if you are not looking they will grab the money.

Just like in basketball when the team losses, the Coach should take all the blame because it means he can't direct its players. Apparently, players gets all the blame because they are the ones that performing on the court but for all we know if the players failed, they were mismanaged.

I really don't know what I just blogged about all I know was as of this time I'm preparing my application for overseas employment
and praying I didn't jeopardize it by writing about NA. To agency whom are supporters of NA and the chance to get my application please be fair. So, help us God!


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