Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kobe on his in-game greatness. The best team win, nonetheless(the outclass-ing game).

I think everybody knew what happened in game 4 of NBA Finals, including the puncing. On how the Celtics subs ripped the Lakers starters on blue-collar plays. Led by none other than "Shrek and Donkey"


Now it should be understood that Davis and Robinson never much knew each other before the late-season trade that liberated Robinson from the New York Knicks, the Celtics parting with the popular Eddie House, a hero of the ’08 championship run. Davis and Robinson were never college teammates, and never paired up in one of those glitzy, all-star high school tournaments. They never were cabin mates at the Five-Star, All-Around-the-World, You-Can-Be-a-Star Basketball Camp.

While Kobe was certain to do a lot of things on the court to proved his greatness. He can make a circus shot. He can make step-back three-point shoot. He can hang in the air and bank a shot at the board. Dunk the ball. He can score off the dribble to cross over then shoot and off the screen then shoot. He can post-up then fade away shot - count them in. He does the dream shake then fake and semi-hook. He has the deadliest mid-range jumper. He command his team as much as he does with the ball. But before greatness, I'll take the team with hustling defense of drooling Glen Davis. Tony Allen's defense. Ray Allen's veteran leadership, orchestrating the offense and the defense. Nate's quickness and the floater. Sheed's technical foul and long-three. Wanna bet?

Paul Pierce and NBA Referee Fight. NOT

During the game 4 of NBA Finals Paul Pierce accidentally punches the referee. It was great moment for Paul Pierce celebrating the and one play.

Sure, it wasn't intentional to get even with the referee for bad calls it just destined to happened. LOL. You know how everybody loves the moment as describe by Glen Davis'.

“Let me tell you something right quick,” he said. “When you’re in the moment, you’re in the moment. If I slobber, snot, spit, please excuse me. Kids, don’t do that. Have manners and things like that.”

It was a moment but just failed. LOL

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