Monday, October 25, 2010

Who to Follow on twitter?

Here's my guide on who among of NBA players, if not must, nice to follow on twitter.

#1 Shaq a.k.a THE_REAL_SHAQ
His NBA career is entering into the twilight. But his one of the most popular NBA player. His got TV series. Tweets funny pictures which what most tweeter wants. And his now a member of Boston Celtic

#2 Dwight Howard a.k.a DwightHoward.
Another Big fella, who can dunk like superman besides his very active on his twitter account he also possessed good humor on his tweets. Check Dwight Howard Superman dunk.

#3 Lebron James a.k.a KingJames
Lebron was in a hot seat when he told that he would left Cleveland for Miami. Thus he became the center of the twitterverse getting negative tweets and bad critics for his decision all directed to his account. Here's Lebron Decision.

#4 Carmelo Anthony a.k.a carmeloanthony
Entered the NBA in the same class with Lebron James. His "decision" would also generate attraction to NBA fanatics around the world. There are lot of rumors about where he will end up. Who knows he might tweet when and where he will be traded first?

#5 Steve Nash a.k.a the_real_nash
In any Basketball line-up there should be a point guard. In my case it would be Steve Nash and despite that hes got little number of followers compared to others that I mentioned. His tweets were worth following.

List above were a mere suggestions. There are many other NBA Players that you can follow too. It just that they are on my top five.


  1. i donno why but I have been motivating myself to like twitter but to no avail. I have an account, I open it occasionally but I usually close it after a few minutes. I just don't appreciate it.

  2. @pusang kalye why? was it becoz of 140 char limit? lol

  3. you sure are a basketball hunk ehh? :D

  4. @nurfaiz follow their followers to increase traffic :D

  5. Nice! Well, I used to tweet but I got busy... =( Pero masaya kasi kahit papano, nakaka-connect ka sa mga celebs db. :)

  6. @travel celebs? lol..increase traffic lang ang dahila lol..


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