Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Import on blogger? ABC 123

Steps on how to do importation if you are using blogging account.

Upon logging in. Go to Settings > Basic > Click Import.

Browse for the backup file ( usuallly an xml file ). Input the captcha word that you see. Once done, click Import Blog.

 After Importation. Go Edit Posts > Select Imported. Select the posts which you want to include as posted.  Done :D

Importation can help bloggers to transfer their blog post to another one. So, you don't re-type all the blog posts. Or if you having too many sites and you want to handle only weblog you can do this too. Create a back up of all your site then import it to your desired blog site. Take note of the compatibility too. For example, my other site has a back up xml file but it came from a wordpress application, good thing, there are plenty on the web that can change it so it can be applicable to blogger.

Good thing.

Keep visitors, Another How To, using blogger tools?

If you have always posting a very very long post, consider adding the label gadget. The usual was, labels will have also a very long list. So, if the user will read your long post from top to bottom your label will be recognize and if the readers sees a catchy label they will click it thus they stay more on your site.


other tools to keep your visitor stay.

keeping visitors 1

keeping visitors 2

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