Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Motorcycle show off

This is my continuation post about the Inside Racing event. The reason for the delay, I'm looking for software similar to comic life, so I can make, probably, a interesting post. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything. If you know something similar to comic life tell me[leave a comment], one that doesn't Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9+.

Pictures are taken on Sunday evening

Let the entertainment begins.

Parking Lot is just the Beginning

Xplorer Z250

Don't talk big if you only got a little[referring to your brain]. Where you at trolls?

Dreams are dreams and reality seems the only place to go


Motorcycle is a piece that is waiting to be crafted, just like any other art. Owners can expressed themselves through their motorcycles then people can start conversing at each other to describe the Owners. With all with those revolutionary designs, fancy colors, flashy accessories, the chromes, vinyls, decals, mini bikes, small bikes, big bikes, sports bikes, cruiser, scooters, Long Live Motorcycle Enthusiasts!

I wrote a note in my last post about my license. I should not write it so there no need for me to explained it. Here it goes I'm busy looking around trying to understand Whats up with this bike and asking people around me to tell me more then suddenly I checked my pocket and found out that my license wasn't there. With no hesitation, I drove myself home quick. If some police checked me on that day saying Happy april fool's day wouldn't work.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Vacation Spot

I would say that the Province of Laguna was an unexplored/unexploited place.
Surely, many of its town have something to offer for the local and foreign tourists. One of would be found at Caliraya Lake, Calarina Resort.

Below are some of the pictures I took.
Views at Caliraya Lake

A place where (live) life would be simplier and hopefully happier.

Can't catch up with our boat!

May this Pig Rest in Peace.

Views at the Resort

My Sanctuary

Again, My Sanctuary hehehe

Where the magic happens?

A private place far from technology and pollution. A great place where you can have silence and peaceful mind, so you have the time to collect your ideas, if there is, and re-organized yourself. You'll have the chance to breathe fresh air. Take a deep breathe. A day tour wouldn't do that much. ;)

My first GROUP Ride with XPLORER PHILIPPINES (MARCH 17, 2007)

First to arrive at Shell C5 cor. Julia Vargas around 5:05am, was me(early bird). Second was Sir Taba. Then poof it became Coco Crunch!

Sirs Igi, Taba, Ronald, Leo (Right to Left).

The Re-group

We are waiting for the group 1

Xplorers at the Parking Lot

Single Line hehehe

Staggared Position :))

The leftover Batch but someone is missing...

Busy doing the deer-y backride, sir Jerom look at the camera. wehehehe

How was the ride?

Let me say in a very democratic way that this ride was very educational. In a group ride we don't look only for ourselves. How many times I missed those hand signals? Twisties and turns ain't never been easy just like life. RIDE AS IF YOU'RE DEAD!

Beware pictures are taken by immature, not amateur and unprofessional photographer please deal with it.

Deep Linking

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