Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nate Robinson dunk on Shaq

Watch Nate Robinson tries to pull off a prank over Shaq. Is that how Nate welcome the Big Fella'?

I'm startin to blog from where I stopped.

Hi, my domain has been down for weeks and I can't restore it back to normal. What I did was to back up my database and create a xml backup. Download new copy of wordpress then created a new database. All the posts from my site will also be read here.

Right now I'm uncertain what really happened on my site. I'm looking to my database and I find some injected script. Thinking I might get it from someone else comment or I made a comment from someone site then just got hacked into my site. Because one thing I noticed was my permissions on my public_html folder was changed and my .htaccess file has been modified. But also thinking If my laptop was infected first then just goes to my site. Either way it wasn't good. But hopefully I can make my site work again.

Deep Linking

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