Monday, September 20, 2010

Pinoy Knock Knock Jokes 6

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52. Lesbians. So lesbians, lesbians for love. Lesbians, lesbians tonight!
53. I’m a friend. I’m a friend to fly. and I don’t know why?
54. Korina - Mar Roxas. Oooh~ ooh~ Korina-Mar Roxas.
55. MOA. Girl you know MOAAA, girl you know MOAAA. (birthday sex)
56. Thesis. Thesis the moment, my final test.
57. Cheesy palaman sa tasty. No he can’t read my poker face (cheesy-palaman-sa-tasty). popopoker face popopoker face.
58. New Zealand. New Zealand ka sa mundong ito. Laking tuwa ng magulang mo.
59. Knock knock. Knock knockaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?
60. Canada. Nakaligo Canada sa dagat ng basura? (OMFVillar! WTF! LSS!)
61. Joana. I joana close my eyes! I joanna fall asleep.
62. Pussy Cat. Mag-pussycat! mag-pussycat. Dito sa showtime lahat tayo pussycat!

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NBA Live 2011 - MJ's Greatest Moment

Watch how NBA players debate on MJ Greatest Moment collection included on NBA Live 2011.

Great show. My greatest MJ Greatest moment? I'll go with the MJ's shot over Ehlo. What's yours?

Update: NBA Live 2011 will be available at stores on October 15, 2010.

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