Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just joined the Noob SEO Contest

Recently, I managed to post a couple of "tips" on gaining traffic and keeping visitors to my site. Then I found this mini seo contest to try my know-how on Search Engine Optimization.

Here's the contest mechanics.

- Your entry must be domain/subdomain. 

- Start date is November 16, 2010

- End date of the contest is on January 1, 2011 (12:00 Noon Philippine Time)

- On your blog you must create English written contents about ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT such as Movies,  Computer Games, Sports, Music etc. and optimized your entry so that it becomes the top Google search result for the contest key phrase. All participants are allowed to use free blogs sites like Blogger,,, blogsome, tblog, etc. or even paid domain.
- Your blog/s DOMAIN or SUB-DOMAIN and free blogs networks used for the entries should not contain any part of the key phrase.(No No No and so on)

- Unregistered entries and indented listings or results are not counted on the rankings.

- All blog entries must not older than November 16, 2010 no backlinks no index and must be brand new. No pornography, no discrimination and no illegal behavior are permitted, No bad words.Trash Talk is allowed but use it with your own risk LOL. 

- There is NO limit on the number of entries/post as long as the entry contains the specified sponsored link.

- The entries should have a visible link back to the listed sponsors below. Use the anchor text and URL specified below. (Must be Blogroll Link)

Cheats -
Watch Movies and TV Series Online -
Watch Full Movies Online -
Of course the prize.
The prizes for the said competition are as follows:

1st – Prize = php 4,000 (Need to Rank #1)
2nd – Prize = php 2,000 (Need to Rank #2)
3rd – Prize = php 1,000 (Need to Rank #3)

Consolation Prize:
1 kilogram of Tawas (Need to Rank on the LOWEST position on Google Search Engine Result Page)

Ok one kilo of tawas on me. LOLz

By the way, my site entry for the contest. Break a leg.

Got Dirt?

Riding Dirty. ;)

This is the literal seaside lunch. Not the typical restaurant you'll find at Dampa of Libis or Macapagal Blvd. Also, not the ordinary lunch, a heavy lunch. You don't feel hungry the next day. lol. 2Kls of Prawns, 2Kls of Blue Marlin, 2Kls of Crab, 2Kls Lapu-Lapu, Good for 9 People. If my math is correct each one of us should consume less than a kilo.

The Seaside of Real Quezon, its a bad weather. But who cares we don't ride for the beaches but for the lunch.

My bad, I forgot the name of the resort.

Deep Linking

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