Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why do you blog? You might see what you're looking

There are reason why we are blogging.

One would be earnings. we can earn thru blog right? Whether its adsense earnings or Infolinks earnings or even selling hosting. In case you didn't know I sell web hosting :D. Another would be sharing your thoughts, or experience to the Internet world. Your daily living, going to mall, going to beach, going to party and going to someone else's house of course with lots of pictures LOL. What you ate for breakfast, what you ate for lunch, what are for dinner its all bloggable. You are not reserved. No censorship. To whom you ate it with. Your adventures and to whom you share it. That's all part of the subject when blogging. That's good and great. At least you aren't into drugs and wrong things LOL. Even if you blog about your crazy acts or even look so naive to strangers to the Internet you just go on blogging. In the first place, you dont have business with them anyway. Why bother so much with them. Others tend to blog to escape from real world. Yeah you're right. You create your ideal world in blog. Ok. Don't get mad at me. Some blog about their expertise. Expertise on cooking, expertise on racing, expertise on dancing, expertise on playing psp, expertise on sports, expertise on blogging ehem LOLz. I did this. I did that, I can do this. You know how expert they're. But that's good you know your limits and you appreciate your craft and talent which others were lacking off. It may not be the last, though others uses blogging to promote their product and services. Launching their new products. Simply advertorial.

But do you still consider blogging to meet new people as your friends? Why do I blog? Its because of YOU. naks!

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