Sunday, October 31, 2010

Keep Visitors and Unique Viewers to Stay, How To? I'd like to

Blogger has gadget to keep your visitors and busy and keep them coming back. And it come free and very handy. They're just in your dashboard panel. :D

#1 Popular Post

Putting them in your sidebar makes your posts more viewable to your readers and visitors. They can keep visitors for looking for more about your site. It has the same effect of what deep-linking is doing to able the readers have access of your previous posts.


You can put this gadget anywhere on your site. By adding this you actually get the readers attention next time. Be grateful you're on their list. They won't add you if they do not intend to visit you next time. Not unless the reason why they follow you was to get a return of favor - "Follow me too".


The blog archive was almost the same with number one. It let your year long buried posts to be seen. Your readers can go through the list of blog posts per year and per month.

# Search Box

This gadget is the most helpful for your readers. They'll just search a certain keyword then it will return related posts.

Deep Linking

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