Monday, October 25, 2010

How can twitter increase your traffic?

Creating an account on social networking sites like facebook and twitter can help increase your site's traffic.

In fact, again, as I mention on my previous before companies and celebrities were signing up to get in touch with their fans and clients. In this way, interactions with fans and customers have easy access. They easily tweets their gigs, a promotional contests, encourage to buy tickets for their show or concerts, introducing new products or services. Imagine how much convenience twitter brings to them, its like generating sales without much ads fee. Right? But the conversion of successful selling rate would be another story?

But how can you build your own base of readers and visitors if you have don't a "name"? Try to follow account with high numbers of followers. Then keep on following other's followers and make friends with them. Keep posting relevant events and information about your niche. If you have account for music, keep posting about entertainment try local or even global events, and as much as possible try it convincing and real. Avoid annoying tweets.


  1. grabeh, dami na kasi ng user sa twitter eh..

  2. I agree with you my friend. Twitter is indeed a powerful way to increase your blog traffic but the problem is increasing the number of your twitter followers..

  3. @pinkdiaries oo nga e..

    @spawnskies yes, such a tedious task to do...haha

    @SonnyKazu ur welcome :D

  4. Yes, Social Networking and Social Bookmarking sites can do really help us increase our blog traffic! Great tips Philip.

  5. @Boffill yes bookmarking sites too...


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