Sunday, October 31, 2010

Keep Visitors and Unique Viewers to Stay, How To? I'd like to

Blogger has gadget to keep your visitors and busy and keep them coming back. And it come free and very handy. They're just in your dashboard panel. :D

#1 Popular Post

Putting them in your sidebar makes your posts more viewable to your readers and visitors. They can keep visitors for looking for more about your site. It has the same effect of what deep-linking is doing to able the readers have access of your previous posts.


You can put this gadget anywhere on your site. By adding this you actually get the readers attention next time. Be grateful you're on their list. They won't add you if they do not intend to visit you next time. Not unless the reason why they follow you was to get a return of favor - "Follow me too".


The blog archive was almost the same with number one. It let your year long buried posts to be seen. Your readers can go through the list of blog posts per year and per month.

# Search Box

This gadget is the most helpful for your readers. They'll just search a certain keyword then it will return related posts.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What and How you should be blogging?

Here's what I noticed of blogs that I visited whether it was blogging style or topic that can attract more readers.

#1 Blogging Long List of Pictures
If you are personal blogger you would agree that this is a must have. Every posts have pictures. There's a saying that a picture can say a thousand words then what if the post have hundred pictures it means you just almost write a hundred words in a post :D. Putting captions on it makes the blog more attractive

Here's three thousand for y'all. Food at the HK Chef (Macapagal Blvd)

#2 Video Blogging
New music video, funny video, moving picutres, Sports highlights, player's highlight, personal videos about places you have been to. Nowadays, blogging videos were very easy because of the embed from youtube. All of this can attract readers. Be careful of DMCA. This is a warning!

#3 Story of your earnings
You can earn thru blogging that is a fact. The problem is how frequent. This topic can attract viewers especially for those who starting blogging. You can tell it even how much it is.

#4 Advertorial or Promotional Blog post
I never been into this kind of blog posting. Well, because I was never been invited. Anyone here? lol. In this case, post sometimes requires a wholesome approach so you don't embarrass the product or service that you are promoting.

#5 The Event blogger
Even if the event was not for promotion. Just because, again back to number 1, you have a long list of pictures you're still going to blog it.

#6 The tips / technical post
Do I fall in this category? Usually, this post always start with a How? or What? or Why? or Tips on increasing traffic? or Higher Earnings? or Higher Traffic? Anything that can help your site that is in need of increasing. Who doesn't want here any increas? None

#7 The Food Blogger
Whether you are eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, again back to rule number one, because of pictures, you going to blog it. From waiting the people who should be in the table then from appetizers and desserts and how you demolished them should be included. lol :D

Actually, there were so many styles and topics that I noticed but the list above were more frequent. No hating please :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

Who to Follow on twitter?

Here's my guide on who among of NBA players, if not must, nice to follow on twitter.

#1 Shaq a.k.a THE_REAL_SHAQ
His NBA career is entering into the twilight. But his one of the most popular NBA player. His got TV series. Tweets funny pictures which what most tweeter wants. And his now a member of Boston Celtic

#2 Dwight Howard a.k.a DwightHoward.
Another Big fella, who can dunk like superman besides his very active on his twitter account he also possessed good humor on his tweets. Check Dwight Howard Superman dunk.

#3 Lebron James a.k.a KingJames
Lebron was in a hot seat when he told that he would left Cleveland for Miami. Thus he became the center of the twitterverse getting negative tweets and bad critics for his decision all directed to his account. Here's Lebron Decision.

#4 Carmelo Anthony a.k.a carmeloanthony
Entered the NBA in the same class with Lebron James. His "decision" would also generate attraction to NBA fanatics around the world. There are lot of rumors about where he will end up. Who knows he might tweet when and where he will be traded first?

#5 Steve Nash a.k.a the_real_nash
In any Basketball line-up there should be a point guard. In my case it would be Steve Nash and despite that hes got little number of followers compared to others that I mentioned. His tweets were worth following.

List above were a mere suggestions. There are many other NBA Players that you can follow too. It just that they are on my top five.

How can twitter increase your traffic?

Creating an account on social networking sites like facebook and twitter can help increase your site's traffic.

In fact, again, as I mention on my previous before companies and celebrities were signing up to get in touch with their fans and clients. In this way, interactions with fans and customers have easy access. They easily tweets their gigs, a promotional contests, encourage to buy tickets for their show or concerts, introducing new products or services. Imagine how much convenience twitter brings to them, its like generating sales without much ads fee. Right? But the conversion of successful selling rate would be another story?

But how can you build your own base of readers and visitors if you have don't a "name"? Try to follow account with high numbers of followers. Then keep on following other's followers and make friends with them. Keep posting relevant events and information about your niche. If you have account for music, keep posting about entertainment try local or even global events, and as much as possible try it convincing and real. Avoid annoying tweets.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Could increase your traffic, using facebook.

Does your favorite shoe company does have facebook account ? Lets say, Nike, Adidas? Do you follow their fan page? What about a famous convenient store in your place?

Well, this is a bit obvious on why should company have an facebook account. They can reach easily to their customers concerns and product enhancement. They can get comments and reactions via commenting. They can launch easily their product without costing too much unlike the traditional media outlets. That is print ads, TV ads even radio ads. Maybe other than I mentioned was to get their demographics of customers. Kids, Adults, Teens, OSY, Professionals - sure they can come up of a data.

So if this company can pull it off, does on-line people who wants more traffic can do it too? For the fact that they don't have a "name" offline( brand perse ). Here's an idea if I have a site with a market niche on sports ( bastketball to be specific). You post a stories or player highlights on facebook them link them into your site. I can search in facebook someones player, an All-star player I guess. How about Yao Ming. In a all-star balloting he can got a million votes. Do you know how many chinese all over the world? He must have, if not millions, a hundred thousand of fans that I can add up. Let's just say you reach also the number of followers with the same numbers of followers of that players in a certain period of time that would be in a month just adding friends randomly. Then these new friends of yours click your link of posted stories and lead them visiting your site. Again if not millions, hundred thousands visiting your site and how much it can generate earnings. I can't imagine.

Just plain fail.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boom Boom Pow


As we know it , whether you like it or not often times, good dance was meant to fail. :D

"Take Me Out"

Ipod, Iphone can do a lot. that's its one my of my wishes on my coming birthday this year. Here's one thing that an Iphone can do.

Will it be the future of live concerts, performing using iphones? :D Great Idea!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ED Hardy - Skull Collection

Shoes that were oldies but goodies. LOLz. I'm just taking a time-out on identifying what was inside my site. Took the photos using Canon Powershot A3100.

IDK, if this one was KBC ED Hardy Edition but either way it has skull on it.

Siomai House

Dear Siomai House,



b. regards,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nate Robinson dunk on Shaq

Watch Nate Robinson tries to pull off a prank over Shaq. Is that how Nate welcome the Big Fella'?

I'm startin to blog from where I stopped.

Hi, my domain has been down for weeks and I can't restore it back to normal. What I did was to back up my database and create a xml backup. Download new copy of wordpress then created a new database. All the posts from my site will also be read here.

Right now I'm uncertain what really happened on my site. I'm looking to my database and I find some injected script. Thinking I might get it from someone else comment or I made a comment from someone site then just got hacked into my site. Because one thing I noticed was my permissions on my public_html folder was changed and my .htaccess file has been modified. But also thinking If my laptop was infected first then just goes to my site. Either way it wasn't good. But hopefully I can make my site work again.

Deep Linking

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