Friday, September 29, 2006

The cons, fall-backs,weaknesses

Accident can happen anytime whether it was a sunny or a stormy day. And the typhoon that striked Metro Manila was unusual. A typical storm usually causes to flood the streets. This time it wasn't. It was a disaster. Billboard stands was downed by strong wind. High tensi0n wires falls in the main road. Trees and meralco posts were fall off too on the road which makes travelling on the road more dangerous. What if the under the billboard post was a motorcycle it could have been worst, it will be miracle if the rider can survive. If billboard stands, trees, posts can not stand the typhoon wind how much more a running motorcycle even if it is slow as 20kph. Still, there are riders that drove the streets in the midst of storm but they have their own reason. Usually they will say it is a important matter, they're are working. I'am not blaming them and I can not blame them. Hopefully, they will understand that life is more important over anything else. Any type of motorcycle, that includes motorstar, you can not challenge the wrath of the nature. And all of this is just a reminder.

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