Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Motorstar: Xplorer Z200

I can say Xplorer Z200 was the most convinient motorcycle from the Motorstar Line. Most of motorcycle dealers have this model, except those who are exclusively selling one-name brand, and in the first look you thought it is expensive among the displayed bikes. But if you ask Dealers you will find affordable as long as you have a stable day-job. In fact and sometimes you can choose your own set of financial plan and it will depend on how you deal with the store. You will be fascinated once you start riding it, it's not to small not too big motorcycle. It is very useful in your day-to-day life. In addition, you can modify the your Z200 depending on you preferences and style, so that you can show how enthusiast you are and can be a head-turner too. But the stock style is enough.

Again this the first Xplorer z200, not a wannabe big bike.

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  1. Yo tengo una de esas, la verdad anda muy bien, pero tuve problema con la biela, ahora se esta reparando y con piezas japonesas. Es una pena ya que la moto venia andando muy bien. Saludos, Chelo


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