Monday, May 7, 2012

My first blogging contest - Picture of me contest.

Welcome to my first blogging contest! This is my first attempt to run a contest so pls. bear with me.

Let me start with the mechanics.

1. This is open to all bloggers around the blogosphere. As long as you have a blog your in!
2. The contest run for two months. Starting May 8, 2012 and it end on July 8, 2012. The winner will be announce on July 13, 2012 (This is the duration of the review).
3. What will you blog? Simply blog by describing me and blog post should have the link following link a. Groove Webhosting and b. any anchor text pointing to this blogpost. Title of the post must be "Groove Webhosting Contest". Your creativity will be tested :D. You can base your description on my blogpost or any resources you may want to use. Blog anything that comes into your mind. Assumptions or presumptions are all legal. No minimum nor maximum words required.
4. 1 Winner of 1yr web hosting and a .com domain. 2 Winners of 1yr web hosting (domain not included).
5. Since this is a describe me contest. I'm the solely judge.
6. Once you are done, Pls. comment your post in this blog post.
7. Mechanics may vary in the duration of the contest except the prize. That's all I can give ok. Lolz.

Update !!!!

I'm revising the strike out mechanics above. Prizes are the same and eligibility too. All are welcome to join.

a. I'm revising the mechanics.
b. The new title of the contest is Picture of me contest. Me represents the contestant. So it's you. Lols
c. Pick a picture or pictures that you want to use in the contest. Your most memorable, your FML picture, your epic picture, your legendary picture anything you want blog about that picture.
d. Links required are Groove Webhosting Contest and An entry to picture of me blogging contest.
e. Best photo with most creative post will win the prize.

Join the fun!

Happy blogging.

Contest starts in






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