Monday, August 23, 2010

Cds are long gone..

Consider this post to know more about me, since this is a personal blog, it would be better for me to post on who am I. I love music - a music lover. I'm incline more on rap music. Back in the days, as high school freshman I started collecting albums on cd. There's a point where my classmates will try to write lyrics then rap it to tune of Tupac, Bizzy Bone on the next day, Ice Cube or Notorius B.I.G another day.

From Ph1l1p

My goal was to buy six feet tall cd rack and complete all the slots available. As you notice in the picture above it wasn't accomplished, from the flooring it my collections only reaches 3/4 of the stand fan which, estimates to mere 4 ft tall. I wasn't able to buy the rack and by the time I started working I thought I can continue my collection but I only managed to buy a CD Album. This is the time when Pres. Erap was elected could it be the reason or because my priorities started to change focus more on needs rather than wants. Instead of cds which will costs you P500-P1000 I just bought some food good for one-three days. Or is it because the digital music started to boom, where you can download all new songs for free. Or is it because the music that were released doesn't sits with me well. Neyo, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga? No offense because I'm too ghetto for that. Yes, you can call me that. What did I just blog?


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