Thursday, October 28, 2010

What and How you should be blogging?

Here's what I noticed of blogs that I visited whether it was blogging style or topic that can attract more readers.

#1 Blogging Long List of Pictures
If you are personal blogger you would agree that this is a must have. Every posts have pictures. There's a saying that a picture can say a thousand words then what if the post have hundred pictures it means you just almost write a hundred words in a post :D. Putting captions on it makes the blog more attractive

Here's three thousand for y'all. Food at the HK Chef (Macapagal Blvd)

#2 Video Blogging
New music video, funny video, moving picutres, Sports highlights, player's highlight, personal videos about places you have been to. Nowadays, blogging videos were very easy because of the embed from youtube. All of this can attract readers. Be careful of DMCA. This is a warning!

#3 Story of your earnings
You can earn thru blogging that is a fact. The problem is how frequent. This topic can attract viewers especially for those who starting blogging. You can tell it even how much it is.

#4 Advertorial or Promotional Blog post
I never been into this kind of blog posting. Well, because I was never been invited. Anyone here? lol. In this case, post sometimes requires a wholesome approach so you don't embarrass the product or service that you are promoting.

#5 The Event blogger
Even if the event was not for promotion. Just because, again back to number 1, you have a long list of pictures you're still going to blog it.

#6 The tips / technical post
Do I fall in this category? Usually, this post always start with a How? or What? or Why? or Tips on increasing traffic? or Higher Earnings? or Higher Traffic? Anything that can help your site that is in need of increasing. Who doesn't want here any increas? None

#7 The Food Blogger
Whether you are eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, again back to rule number one, because of pictures, you going to blog it. From waiting the people who should be in the table then from appetizers and desserts and how you demolished them should be included. lol :D

Actually, there were so many styles and topics that I noticed but the list above were more frequent. No hating please :D


  1. i blog about my thoughts and experiences :)

  2. @ken thoughts, experiences and lots of

  3. pictures do attract readers, no?
    I mean, posts without pictures seems so blah.

  4. @Lynnie yes pictures were necessity for blogs :D


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