Monday, May 17, 2010

Ph1l1p picks Celtics on 6 against Magic..

Forget the statistics and number on offensive ratings and defensive ratings per 100 possessions. Who's the better point guard. How each team in the NBA passed round by round. How good you are on 3-point FG M/A. Even if you sweep the series it does not mean anything on the next round. In the playoffs, all of these were irrelevant. Celtics were managed to eliminate the Cavs, the team that has best record on the league, have an home court advantage, on 6. Truth is nobody plays like the Celtics first-team approach. Even if they win or lose they're consistent. Even if the Magic were young athletic compare to aging Veterans of Boston, Celtics were still good enough so none of these statistics matter to them. That's the Truth.

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