Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Tyre

I just change my stock tyres to wet & dry tyres. That is according to their salesman at Exceed Caloocan.

Rear Tire


Front Tire.


Initially, my budget for tire should not exceed P 5000 both for rear and front tires. Size should be 140/70/17 rear and 110/70/17 front. Yes, that how expensive that tires for motorcycle. Some would argue that it was cheap but to me P5000 was expensive, that's too much. Why? Because I'm a regular employee :D.

Anyway, I'm looking for my new set of tires that can handle wet and dry road(Sorry If I can't go technical about it). There was a cheap tire but according to other users the rubber was to smooth that even a very small crack of glass can cut it of you if the tire run through it against the floor. Then, there is one brand of tire that fits my budget but again no size is available. Since my stock tires were 4 years old already, I really have to change it and ask the salesman what was their "budget tires" and he suggested IRC Tire- Japan. He gave me the computation of their "budget tires" and it sums up at P 7240 including labor and less 10 percent discount. Like I had a choice but to signal the go to installing it.

I guess the only consolation I got with this tire was I didn't compromise my safety on the road. That, I hope. :D Happy riding to me. Yeah

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