Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twitter Politics:

Here are some of Philippine Politician who own a twitter account for the purposed of politicking(but not all) ;p that I follow. Since it was not verified it may be an account created for them that run by a party or relatives or a close friend. Anyhow, If you like to know their thoughts or whats on their mind being a public official.

Follow them in any order
Manny Villar
Noynoy Aquino First Account
Noynoy Aquino Second Account
Gibo Teodoro
Eddie Villanueva
Mar Roxas

It seems that politicians would be the same whether what the platform is. Instead of using twitter, facebook, youtube or plurk accounts to brag their systems to implement should they win the election they still updating non-sense. Do you have any health care system to implement? Insurance system? Education system? Can you require public school not to wear uniforms? Or how can you tell a corrupt official system? Drug policy? Or stop acting-local government unit like a multinational private company when other municipalities can be like "yours" office? Or do you know that anti-smoking belching testing is being abused? Or how come there still people who can not pass the driver's licensing exam even if answers were pretty obvious? Or data-entry for little shits that happened in our country system? Something that we can root for you.

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