Friday, March 25, 2011

Philippine Checkpoint Advisory

Know your rights. You just don't get your vehicle then drive.

1. A checkpoint must be well-lighted, properly identified and manned by uniformed personnel.
1. Dapat na may sapat na liwanag ang checkpoint, madaling matukoy at naka-uniporme ang mga nagbabantay nito;

2. Upon approach, slow down, dim headlights and turn on cabin lights. Never step out of the vehicle.
2. Pinapayuhan ang mga motorista na magdahan-dahan kapag parating na sa checkpoint, patayin ang headlights, buksan ang ilaw sa loob at hindi kailangang bumaba ng sasakyan.

3. Lock all doors. Only visual search is allowed.
3. I-lock ang lahat ng pinto ng sasakyan at visual search lamang pwedeng gawin;

4. Do not submit to a physical or bodily search.
4. Huwag papayag sa body search o pagkapkap;

5. You are not obliged to open glove compartment, trunk or bags.
5. Hindi pwedeng buksan ang compartment, trunk at bag;

6. Ordinary or routine questions may be asked. Be courteous but firm with answers.
6. Mga routine question lang ang pwedeng itanong;

7. Assert your rights, have presence of mind and do not panic.
7. Igiit ang karapatan. Magkaroon ng presence of mind at huwag magpanik;

8. Keep your driver's license and car registration handy and within reach.
8. Dalhin ang lisensya at car registration;

9. Be ready to use your cellphone at any time. Speed dial emergency number.
9. Maging handa sa paggamit ng cellphone, mag-save ng emergency number;

10. Report violations immediately. Your actions may save others.
10. I-report agad ang mga paglabag.

source manila bulletin

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