Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dear Gentle Reader/s,

I would like to inform that this year, like anyone else, I will also celebrate my birthday soon( December 21 to be exact). I'm informing you in advance because I will post my birthday gift/s wish list so do you have the time to be ready in case you generous enough to buy me the following.

1. An Ipod touch - who doesn't want this? Low profile than Ipad LOLz.
2. A new helmet - preferably a KBC brand but LS2 can do.
3. A riding XPD boots.
4. A digital camera or if you, again, generous enough, might give me DSLR.

Ok, I'm kidding just greet me on your blog then I might the one who will give a gift for the best greeting post. Thanks for visiting all.

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