Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PBA Draft 2010, there's too much I in Al-HUSSAINI

For the Top pick of PBA Draft 2010 Air 21 select (drum rolls) Severino Baclao....

PBA fans Noy Baclao was the top pick. Everybody was surprised about it including RABEH AL-HUSSAINI.

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His leading the polls, votes for the top pick prior to the PBA Draft 2010. Apparently he wasn't. But what was more surprisingly was the comment made Rabeh about his selection that he was "insulted". First, I thought playing for the PBA was the ultimate goal when you are playing in the NCAA or UAAP so it doesn't matter whether you're a top pick or second round pick. Second will he be in the trading block because playing for a team that embarrasses you doesn't make sense? Third, can he get a deal? Fourth, he was tagged to represent the country to play for Smart Gilas Team and then he declared himself available for the draft. Lastly, he was an UAAP MVP and Finals MVP and he enjoys so much fanfare because people see him play nationwide and that's the key to being a top pick.

I thought he should be happy for his teammate being selected at number one. Cherish cheesy moments right? I thought he could say thank you first the Air 21 for the opportunity and PBA. I thought good sports and competitiveness was being taught in the school. I thought playing basketball was all about the team. And I thought there's too much I in Al-HUSSAINI.

Noy : Are you mad at me?
Rabeh : Hope you'll be a bust...
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