Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight. (Not yet)

Manny Pacquiao (photo by Bryce Edwards courtesy Wikipedia).

Manny Pacquiao next bout will be on November 2010 but not against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. The news is, it coulde be between Miguel Cotto or Antonio Margarito.


There is only one boxing match that the world really wants to see: Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Manny Pacquiao. If the two ever box, it will undoubtedly set the record for pay-per-view purchases and could very well be the most hyped fight in boxing history. Both boxers would make an enormous amount of cash.

What’s the problem.

Apparently, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scared. What other excuse could there be for him not agreeing to fight Manny Pacquiao this time? Last year, there were understandable differences. This time, the boxing world is just waiting for his okay.

The proposed fight would take place on Nov. 13. The venue will either be in Las Vegas or in Cowboys Stadium. With arguably the two best fighters in the world going head to head, almost every sports fan will be turning in.

We wait for you, Floyd Maywether Jr.

You aren’t scared, are you?

This is what the world of boxing is waiting for, the face off of the two most prominent boxer alive. Are they waiting for the pig's tail to become long?


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  2. kala ko pa naman si Floyd na makakalaban ni Pacman im looking forward that fight kaya lng marami ang nagsasabing takot din si Mayweather na makalaban si pacman kc diba isang manny pacquiao lng ang makakatalo sa kanya kaya kung ano anong reason ang ginagawa ni floyd para wag lng matuloy ang laban nya kay pacman...super yabang nyang si floyd na yan takot naman sa suntok ni pacman ahahha apektado tlga ako....

    salamat sa pagdaan sa bloghay ko...hug kita sa blogroll ko...

  3. salamat sa pagbisita...


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