Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What to expect in my blog?

First, welcome to my blog.

To know more about me web bloggers, bloggers, blogosphere, or netizens, I'm a Filipino or Pinoy blogger. My interests are Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and I'd like to know about web hosting and domain selling. But on a lighter side I can write about sports, basketball, NCAA, NBA, not to mention your very best Philippine Basketball Association.Who are going to the playoffs? Who's going to win the series? Who will win the MVP? I can blog about motorcycle and  travel destination. I can talk about food, cooking, I do not have lots of money but I'll try some restaurants. I'm not a photographer but I can post some photos. I can give you insights and opinions base on my personal knowledge - That's what a lots of blogger do. Actually, I'm having a hard time writing about this posts, So I'll cut short and as time goes by you'll know more about me. ;P

I'm a Filipino so I can write whether English or Filipino language.

I'm hopeful that you enjoy your stay upon reading here.  So, please come again ;p

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