Saturday, May 1, 2010

Unboxing Samsung Corby Wifi

Ok this phone probably a low-tech if compare it to blackberry, Nokias e Series and i3 laptop besides it has been out in the market may 6 months ago?. But one thing in common with them was the Wi-fi. (Wuma wifi).

Anyway, I search on the Internet about this phone and this is what I got.


1) The Cartoon UI: Quirky font and illustrations

This is the first time I've ever seen this kind of font on any phone, and I love it. Of course, the adult reviewers think it's illegible, but the cute (and very Korean-ish) font suits the young audience this phone targets. (My friends say it's very me, and I hope they're not referring to my maturity level.) ;)

There are two cartoon fonts you can choose from, but you can also choose to switch back to the plain old classic font if you prefer to be... boring.

2) Pop-up SNS for Facebook and Twitter addicts

A unique feature is that there are special widgets for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket. I daresay I over-update my Twitter and Facebook, so this to me is a major plus. :)

Note: Just make sure to put your default connection to the wi-fi you use the most (i.e. home connection) -- because the default would be that of your network wi-fi, which would mean extra charges to your phone bill.

3) It has wi-fi! Need I say more?

As I said, the internet has been abuzz with rumors of the Corby wi-fi as early as December and I'm glad I waited it out. I was considering getting the CorbyPRO vs. the S3650 because some of the Pro's features are upgraded (i.e. 3MP camera), it has wi-fi, and a QWERTY keyboard.

HOWEVER, I didn't like that it only came in red and black, and I really wanted a pink phone, plus it didn't have the cartoon UI (yes, I got tween mentality, I'm very much aware of that hehe).

4) Battery life that goes on forever (okay, not really)

I finally replaced my 3-year-old Nokia N73 because it's battery life had dwindled to almost unusable: it would only last me 8 hours at most, and much less when I made calls.

But the Corby's battery life blew me away--it lasted for 4 WHOLE DAYS! And that's with heavy usage: I made calls, I used the wi-fi and the browser a lot, I experimented with the music player and settings... and yes, four whole days before it got depleted.

According to Phone Arena, the Corby "offers 9hrs of continuous talk time and keeps the handset operational for up to 15 days in standby". Wow.

5) Customizable screens compared to iPhone

There are three home screens which you can load with the widgets you ACTUALLY NEED. Unlike the iPhone where you can get overwhelmed with so many apps you don't actually use, this one is very basic and straight-to-the-point.

Personally, I put my 'Create Message' widget on my main screen, the calendar on the second, and the memo and inbox on the third. The rest of the widgets stay in the pop-up tray on the left.

link here

The reason why I qoute it because I only one reason why I DONT love this phone. It wasn't mine. :D I nun-box ko lang



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