Saturday, April 2, 2011

Willing Willie Revillame and everybody was right

I'm going mainstream. A video of a kid dancing in macho style.

The video above was in a debate whether Willing Willie show uses the child. My take, the kid was very shy, he's not use to dance in front of large audience, that's why his crying. His mother is encouraging him not to cry, meaning don't cry its a show, Its okay, your Mother is here. But it should be stop because the kid won't stop crying. The P10 000 it was a prize.

To DSWD, party-list, all great men and women criticizes the video. Are you sure suspending the show will help? How about looking it this way, why not talk to parents then ask if they can teach the kid to dance or teach him to overcome stage freight . What if the tv5 offers the kid a show or let him have a show. And if you really care about the kid you should ask the youtube to take down the video so it doesn't flood the Internet.

Ahh the righteous ones.

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