Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain it is.

Spain was your World Cup Champion.


JOHANNESBURG -- Howard Webb, the English referee responsible for Sunday night's World Cup final, went into his pocket for yellow cards 14 times -- more than doubling the previous record of six set during the tumultuous 1986 final between West Germany and Argentina.

The scary thing is, Webb's only mistake was that he didn't give out more.

After a tournament marred by poor officiating, Webb will undoubtedly catch his share of grief in the coming days, particularly from Dutch supporters. The Netherlands received nine of the cards, including a pair for John Heitinga, who was sent off in extra time, essentially finishing his team's chances. But the Dutch deserved nearly all their bookings and were lucky not to have been given more. They played like thugs.

Again, however, it's not Webb's job to justify his actions Sunday night. It's up to the players to justify theirs.

A World Cup final, the biggest game of their lives, and they made Johannesburg's littered streets look clean by comparison.

Well in any sports its always a bad officiating when you lose.

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