Sunday, May 23, 2010

To Orlando Magic,

As much as I want the Celtics to sweep the series I got hints for Coach SVG , Down 0-3 Magic you should have been used this line-up from the very beginning of the series against Celtics.

Dwight Howard at Center
Brandon Bass at Power Forward
Rashard Lewis at Small Forward
Vince Carter at Small Guard
Jameer Nelson at Point Guard

Why Brandon Bass? He got sized. His sized can clogged the paint - Rondo's territory. He can body up Kevin Garnett. His younger than Kevin Garnett. His plays focus more on defensive end- which the Magic really lacks off in this series. He can deflect shots. He always contests opponents shots. He can rotate with their play without the ball. He can score by cleaning up the board. He can manage to score even on broken plays. Why you signed him anyway? To benched him?

"Anybody got a BROOM?" - hacker
"Fo'! Fo'! Fo'! Fo'!" = M. Malone

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