Monday, May 3, 2010


As much as I can I tried to be clear on my text messages so I don't confused the reader. Proper spelling. proper grammar. But since text messaging becomes a norm for communication between people, text messages was being transform into new "language" Jejemon. Here are examples of Jejemon text speak.

1. "ei0wWw" - Hello
2. "pfouh" - Po or Opo
3. "mUxztah" - Kamusta, How are you
4. "nAh" - na
5. "bvaH" - ba
6. "qkaUo" or "ke0w" - kayo
7. "an0uh" - Ano, What
8. "dAwa" - gawa,
9. "nyi0uh" - niyo
10. "jeje", hehe, to imply laughing or smiling or happy

Jejemon text are done by adding a character or changing a character on words that have similar meaning but with different pronunciation that makes the message less serious. But jejemons beware you are "threaten". Happy texting!

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